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The coach of the senior national football team, the Black Stars has courted the ire of Ghanaians in recent times with his pronouncements. Grant is reported to have told reporters at a Press Conference that they should ‘cut the bullshit’ which had not gone done well at all with the populace.

Grant who had just returned to the country to guide the Black Stars in the AFCON qualifiers against Mozambique, was at an press conference when a reporter  is reported to have suggested to him that he had overstayed his leave and that he should stay in the country and monitor the Ghana Premier League and unearth some players for the senior national team.

Coach of the Black stars, Avram Grant

Coach of the Black stars, Avram Grant

Grant retorted that Ghanaians leaders and the nation should concentrate on the important thing (football) and stop the bullshit.

Following the press conference, the media had reacted to his use of the word ‘bullshit’ and asked him to apologise to Ghanaians. In a move to do some damage repair, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) organized another Press Conference at which the Communications Director, Ibrahim Saani gave him the opportunity to salvage the situation as ‘some’ people were not happy with his choice of words.

Responding, he asked for the specific word that was in bad taste to be to be mentioned. Afterwards, he said he did not mean any ill by his use of the word and said he had withdrawn the word. He said he did not use the word in a negative light as even at home, his family uses it.

However, a day later at a local FM station, when he was asked whether the withdrawal of the word by him should be taken as an apology? He answered emphatically that he did not apologise and indeed, ‘he owes nobody an apology’.

The initial response of some commentators was to the effect that because the coach was not English, he may not have known that the word was vulgar. However, when he declined to apologise to Ghanaians, it became evident he meant what he said. Since then, the backlash has been deafening.

Most sports writers and indeed commentators on the issue are calling on the coach Avram Grant to do the honourable thing and apologise to Ghanaians since his use of the word ‘bullshit’ had offended the sensibilities of the populace. Most demand that if he refuses to apologise he should be cautioned or sanctioned. Some have gone as far as to demand that he be sacked for insulting Ghanaians.

I don’t know where you stand on the issue but I believe the coach has found himself in this situation because of the siege mentality of the FA. For some time now anybody that criticizes the FA as viewed as an enemy. It’s therefore, no wonder that the coach is behaving likewise.

GFA Communications Director, Saani Daara

GFA Communications Director, Saani Daara

If the FA Communications Director had asked Grant to apologise to Ghanaians because he was unaware that it would offend their sensibilities, the matter would have died by now. But since he told him that it is ‘some’ people that were against his choice of word that was why he had the audacity to tell everyone to the face that he owes nobody an apology!

How would a coach that is paid $50,000.00 a month, not stay in the country to monitor the local league matches, the local players and hold seminars for other coaches. Why should he always be globetrotting?

To bring a foreclosure, whoever appointed the coach should do the right and proper thing and ask the man to render an unqualified apology to Ghanaians. In the first place, Ghanaians have no problem with the work of the coach so an apology would patch hurt feelings and we can move on from there.


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