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There are certain things that never change in Ghana. One of such constants is the ‘fight’ between the Accra Metropolitan Authority (AMA) and hawkers over the latter use or conduct of trading on roads and pavements in the metropolis. The latest decision by the AMA to embark on a decongestion exercise has therefore, come as nothing new!

No matter which government has been in office, no matter the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in office, there has always been squabbling between the city officials and traders over decongestion exercise popularly ‘aabaeee’.

It is also a constant that no matter the resources expended nor the money used to undertake the de-congestion exercise sometimes under very acrimonious situations, the traders always find their way back to the pavements!

AMA officials undertaking the de-congestion exercise

I have already said the exercise is nothing new. The other fact is that one can be sure that it cannot be sustained. In no time, the politicians themselves would bring the traders back to the roads and pavement. If you doubt me, ask Amerley Tagoe of blessed memory and Adjiri Blankson.

Differences or a rivalry between managers of football teams is nothing new. In the EPL sometime ago, there was the Ferguson/Wenger rivalry. There was also the Mourinho/Wenger rivalry.

In Spain, the rivalry between Real and Barça is well documented. It therefore, comes as no surprise when the managers of the two teams go to head.  It ought to be pointed out that the rivalry between Mourinho and Pep Guardiola superseded anything witnessed in Spain.

At the height of that rivalry, Mourinho was even banned for poking his finger in the eye of the Barça assistant manager, Tito Vilanova during a brawl in one of the numerous Classicos.

However,  the rivalry playing before our eyes between Manchester United’s Mourinho and Chelsea’s Antonio Conte, is something else altogether. It’s got newsmen grinning from ear to ear because it’s good for business as well as having them worried because it degenerating and bringing the game into disrepute.

These are two managers with huge reputations who have both win the EPL trophy in very recent times going at each with no let-up in sight. Certainly referring to each other as clowns, senile and fake cannot be the best and should not be taken lightly.

Great rivals, Mourinho and Conte

It’s not too clear whether the FA would step in to stop the row or the clubs involved would call their men to order. Be that as it may, something has to give and very soon too!

Ghanaians woke up early this year to the news that defaulters of TV licence would be prosecuted and jailed. Since then, there has been no peace in the media especially, on social media. Not a single day passes without a comment on the issue.

Most commentators have vowed not to pay the licence. One interesting observation is that all of a sudden, no Ghanaian watches GTV! People cannot understand why despite the multiplicity of television stations, GTV have been mandated to collect that fee.

Again most commentators are neither impressed nor enthused with the statement by the Director of GTV that the fee has nothing to do with content but with owning a TV set!

A GTV advert showing patrons where to pay

From what is playing out in the media, it’s very clear that the populace see the fee as draconian. As to whether the government would listen to the people, is another thing altogether. I believe that whatever the situation, when the first jail sentence is handed out, something would GIVE!

So after much speculation, denials, bids and rejections, Liverpool’s talisman, Philippe Coutinho, had his dream fulfilled when his move to Barcelona was completed for £142m, a British record fee.


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