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So, come to think of it I cannot get my mind off the fact that these days, things are so, so something try as I would.

The Task Force set up to snuff out the galamsey Operations in the country, is going about its work religiously.  News have it that galamsey operators are on the run and life is becoming unbearable. One tactic of the Task Force, is to set ablaze tractors seized from the operators. Kudos to the Task Force.

Task force against galamsey in action

While we were all applauding the Task Force, out of the blue comes cases and reports of high handedness and murder.  Really it is someone playing a prank on us to give the Task Force a bad name. By the way, why would the Ashanti Regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), urge operators whose tractors were destroyed by the Task Force, to sue the government?

So, all the talk about local banks making it in the business was all nothing but TALK! I am still at my wits end trying to unravel how GCB could take over not one but two banks at the same time! Never thought GCB had such huge muscles that when flexed could bring both UT and Capital banks to their sorrowful knees.

Serious questions have arisen as a result of the insolvency of the two banks. Are people’s money’s in the banks safe? How sure are we that other banks would also cave in soon?

How could UT that could give a loan in under 48 hours, something that GCB cannot do go under? How could UT bank that was said to have the wherewithal to chase, get back and seize assets of defaulting clients for others go under? How could Capital bank that was able to sponsor the Ghanaian Premier League just capitulate like a pack of cards? Let’s not forget that given a century, GCB would not dare do any of those things. The question then is, did they overdo it?

So, since the capitulation of the two banks, a lot of technical jargons have been thrown into the public domain. What for instance, does it mean to be insolvent and what does it mean to have liquidity problems? Couldn’t the Bank of Ghana (BOG) have helped in a Way?

Through all this, the only good news for me is the fact that despite all the criticism, GCB has shown that she is robust and very vibrant. Kwesi Pratt and Co. must be smiling broadly by now for obvious reasons.

Vice President Mahmoud Bawumia

So all the bold talk and claims by Dr.  Bawumia that only an incompetent government goes aborrowing, was nothing more than political hogwash.  Given the opportunity, he did not only scale the Great Walls of China of all places to borrow, but took an entourage of 116 people with him to boot! Since coming to power, it appears all the vaunted resources in Ghana for which there was no need to borrow, has disappeared. This is really a re-mix!

So, to bring the curtain down on a wonder performance, we have the wife of the vice-president, Samara also explains to India to frolic with the Kunkum Bhagya cast. Can you beat that? In truth, everything has become so, so something!

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