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So Jerry Rawlings is finally comfortable with the New Patriotic Party (NPP). I have been scratching my head since the announcement by the President that the former President had accepted the post to lead the war against filth in the capital.

Anybody that says the news didn’t come as a surprise would be doing so either as an act of hypocrisy or that person should be very apolitical. My take on the issue is that it looks like a fine defection without declaration!

Pic: JJ Rawlings and wife Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings

So the President gets the opportunity to visit Denkyira Obuasi to finally visit the ground zero where Maj. Max Mahama met his untimely death. Morbid to witness all the stones used to Peter the poor man still lying around.

Tell you what, whatever yarn state protocol puts out about a Western region tour, is bladderbash! He wanted to see the kind of wicked people who could perpetrated such a heinous act at first hand. Too bad though, his entourage was more than the people left at Denkyira B.

So the new policy on student nursing intake is out. No surprises there either. You give allowance and reduce intake. I wonder how those student leaders would be feeling now. Would they feel used or abused? I guess both. So long as the youth refuse to think they would continue to be used and abused!

So seven months into the Akuffo Addo administration not even a single dam has been built anywhere in the country. Not even a sod has been cut! Whatever happened to the One District, One Dam promised Ghanaians? Please come and start with the Korle Lagoon. Hehe!

So, I guess the Minister for Finance and Economic Planning was not qualified to make such a momentous claim and it needed the attention and intervention of the Senior Minister.

The Senior Minister should know what he’s talking about. Otherwise I doubt that he would make such a bold and reckless claim that the public service was choked and people could or should be laid off. Just wondering which statistics he was basing his designs on and when it was concluded!

So it’s true that President Trump doesn’t think twice before talking. How could he talk about a nuclear war with North Korea as if it’s a tea party? Is it the same person that has introduced and organises bible lessons in the White House? Something simply ain’t right!

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