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Since the beginning of the year strange things have happened and stranger things would happen if things are not normalised.

Confusion at national service registration centre

Undertaking National Service is already a wahala and the registration is something else altogether. This year, the exercise has witnessed confusion and anarchy at most registration centres. I believe government officials have bowed their heads in shame since the televisions aired the chaos at registration centres across the country.  I mean police and military officers using buttons on helpless service personnel!

Why can’t the registration be done on-line to circumvent all the problems? The service itself is not properly managed.  Personnel have to hustle for their own accommodation in unfamiliar terrain. Hapless and long suffering parents are at their wits end as their children embark on the National Service.  For such parents to therefore, witness their wards being whipped and manhandled by security personnel, is really disheartening.

Let me navigate the anarration from the national service brouhaha to the passing of an elder statesman and musician extraordinaire, Papa Yankson.  Here was a man who gave so much joy to the people through his singing.

Papa Yankson has paid his dues to the nation and deserves all the accolades.  I however, find the demand by his son or is it family for him to be given a state burial a little misplaced.

Here was the people’s man who lived happily amongst his people and derived great joy entertaining them. On his passing, his people should be the ones to see him off not public officials who would bring nothing but false platitudes.

Good times, the Odarteys

Let me ramble on and tackle the knotty issue of ex-footballer and national star Nii Odartey Lamptey’s messy divorce or is it alimony proceedings.  For good reason, everybody who heard that the court that heard the case into the former wife’s demand for 50% share of Odartey’s estate, had denied the request.

Yes!  Hurrah! Thank goodness!  Otwea was the refrain that greeted the decision. The lady has real guts to take the matter to court giving her adulterous life and to cap it, none of the three children born for Odartey turned out to be his. Most people rejoiced that at least good had prevailed over evil.

But hold on guys. Are we saying she doesn’t deserve anything at all? This is a couple that had been together for over two decades.  Come on, someone! The lady had played a huge part in Odartey’s life and success her later transgressions notwithstanding.

Former President, Jerry John Rawlings is a happy man.  JJ is a contented man for after all, his boyhood pal, Nana Addo, is President of the realm.  All the boom sounds and posturing for probity and accountability, has been jettisoned!

FormerPresident Rawlings admiring his new love on his birthday

Why wouldn’t or shouldn’t he be happy?  The National Democratic Congress (NDC), the party he founded, is in opposition once again. Nobody in the party is the President and therefore, the Founder is the Supremo! And what a way to celebrate his new-found joy than by celebrating his birthday in style with a brand new car to boot as a gift!  All the socialist leanings have lost been consigned to the dust bin.

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