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A host of events keep unfolding with the passage of each day to such an extent that I can’t help but rumble about a few of them. My brother I tell you no lie if I say that I am beside myself with worry as I do not understand the things that are happening around me at all anymore.

What trouble do we find ourselves in I can’t help but ask? The only conclusion I can come is that as for Ghana, once a while, something is added to the ‘mix’ to shake the system a little bit.  Do you remember the kenkey versus cancer episode few years ago? I know you have not forgotten so soon the report that came out that kenkey a staple food of Ghanaians gives cancer. The furore that was generated as a result of the report and the extent that people went to prove that whatever research that was done which came to the conclusion that kenkey gives cancer, has been told over and over again so I won’t bore you with any of that.

What is brewing now is that a professor says ‘kanzo’ gives cancer. How Kanzo that is a delicacy of some people give cancer? While the populace were scratching their heads in a bid to come to terms with what that means, another bombshell to the effect that eating banku wrapped in a polythene bag is equal to smoking 136 sticks of cigarette. 136 sticks of cigarettes paa! I just wonder where the scientists go to hide before coming out with their findings which more often than not, affect our staple foods. This is incredible!

Precious banku wrapped in 'dangerous' polythene bags

Precious banku wrapped in ‘dangerous’ polythene bags

I don’t and cannot understand why the Ghana Standards Authority would be there when all this ‘evil’ is perpetrated against the citizenry. If the Authority is to ensure standards how come that they were not aware of such a fact? Where have all the scientists been? When did it dawn on us that plastics contain chemicals that are harmful to the body? When did the fact that plastics can fade and that the chemicals leak into the food and such a situation can cause blockages which can cause cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, diabetes and stroke? These scientists!

Knowing the lengths people went in order to get the public to use plastics it’s going to be a tall order getting people to change. We are a people that are steep in our ways and we do not change easily. I believe people are going to feel foolish having to revert to the use of leaves after having been told that their use is not healthy. Are we progressing or retrogressing? Do you recall what happened during the cancer versus kenkey fight? People didn’t care less and the same is going to apply again. Mark my words!

We are told that the driver of the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had been invited by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) for questioning and all of a sudden, there are all sorts of threats from likely and unlikely quarters. Here we go again! Why do we like to politicize everything? What political capital would be gained from arresting a driver of a political bigwig? This I don’t understand!

Is it the position that because somebody is driving a ‘big’ man, such a person is untouchable? Nobody is above the law in Ghana so whether you are driving Mr. X or Y, the long arm of the law would reach you when you fall foul of the law. Don’t we know that immunity apart, even the president of the land is not above the law? Let us respect our institutions and allow them to work. I believe completely that if the state institutions are allowed to work, they benefits would surprise us.

The aftershocks of the famous investigations by ace investigator Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI into the infamous judicial bribery scandal is still being felt in the courts and along the corridors of the Chief Justice (CJ). For all the doubting Thomases that were of the opinion that nothing would come out of the investigations, the continued rumblings should tell them how wrong they have been.

Ghana's supreme court building

Pic: Ghana’s supreme court building

In addition to the dismissals, interdictions and suspensions, thae latest twist is two justices of the High Court, Justice Kofi Essel Mensah and Justice Francis K. Opoku have been removed from office with effect from 19th April, 2016 following the acceptance by President John Mahama of the recommendations for their removal from office by the Committee set up by the CJ, Mrs. Justice Georgina Wood. Make no mistake whatsoever, you haven’t heard the last of this matter yet!

I have been worried about revelations of this or that embezzlement from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of parliament. I don’t know whether what we have on our hands is a societal problem but it’s a little perplexing that everyone looks on without acting only to complain at the end of the day when it comes out that a few of our brethren have taken us for granted.

If you take our senior secondary schools for instance, you will realise that most of the issues that come up at the PAC, involve Heads of school and to a lesser extent bursars. Let’s not forget that we have Boards of Directors, Parents and Teachers Association executives and senior tutors at post. Yet none of these groupings are able to control the heads. We cannot continue to have numerous cases of misappropriations at the second cycle schools.

Public accounts Committee in session

Pic: Public accounts Committee in session

It appears as though in Ghana the moment you are made a head instead of serving the people, you rather become a lord! Nobody is able to bring the heads to book and they have a field’s day. The same applies in all institutions. Chief Executive Officers shave arrogated to themselves positions of lords who cannot be questioned by anybody. We can whine and complain all we like but I can assure you that it would amount to nothing until we act. The corruption in the system cannot be curtailed so long as we have ‘lords that we worship’.

The unthinkable has happened in English football with one of England’s prestigious clubs, Aston Villa being relegated from the premier league for the first time in the clubs chequered history. How Villa, a club with such pedigree found itself in te quagmire is for the soccer pundits to ascertain and make public.

Aston Villa, a club founded in 1874 in Birmingham that is credited with being a proud member of the founding members of the original English league in 1888. Again, Villa was a founding member of the Premier League in 1992. To its credit, Aston Villa won the first Division Championship seven times in addition to winning the Football League Cup on five occasions. The club is also crediting with winning the European Cup in 1981-82.

Pic: Aston Villa palyer

Pic: Aston Villa palyer

To the dismay of its global following, with only four matches to bring the curtain down on the 2015/16 season, Villa has won only three matches. The club is also about to end the season without a substantive manager in place and have also lost two directors in a week following the relegation of the club. Moral of the Villa story is that nothing is forever and nothing can be taken for granted!

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