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Thankfully, in the course of the week, the agitations, fights and squabbles that characterised the inability of the ECG to provide needed pre-paid units for the public to access, seems to have been brought under control.

How a whole organization that has trumpeted converting all metres into pre-paid ones would allow a situation where there’s a shortage which would lead to confusion beats me. That it led to fights in some places was a shame!

Logo of ECG, Ghana

The beauty of the situation was that while people couldn’t get the pre-paid units, they still found a way to power their lights and other electrical gadgets at home. People are not ready to allow the havoc the ‘dumsor’ havoc wreaked to recur. Ghanaians and their magic!

In Ghana, it’s obvious that when you have political power you can do anything at all. All the lofty idealistic talk while in the minority, changes the moment a political party wins political power.

Once they get power, they start to do the very things that they were critical of while in the minority. To me, there’s simply no difference between the governments of the New Patriotic party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) so far.

Observing from my corner, I can safely conclude that all the talk about prosecuting corrupt officials will end nowhere. Tell you what, I have been wondering when the Office of the Special Prosecutor would start work?

Seriously speaking if the NPP in opposition found everything wrong with the Metro Mass Transport re-branding exercise undertaken by the government of the NDC, I cannot fathom why they would go ahead and sanction the re-naming of the Tamale Stadium to Aliu Mahana stadium at a cost of GHs 100,000.00.

Isaac Kwame Asiamah, Minister of Youth and Sports

If you want to change the name, go ahead and do but if you expend such a colossal amount of money, then, questions should be asked. In any case, what would the change in name bring that Mr. Dep. Minister was stoutly defending?

Would the change of name, bring a change in our culture of maintenance? Look at Essipong stadium. It’s been left to decay and rot. I don’t want to even ask how often the renamed stadium is used and would be used.

The Baba Yara and Accra sports stadiums that are used by premier league clubs are even falling apart because of lack of maintenance. The Accra stadium was supposed to have been renovated earlier in the year. Couldn’t we have used some of the GHs 100,000.00 to start the renovations?

If the President is serious about fighting corruption and eliminating waste in the system, then, he should ensure that the Special Prosecutor first tackle issues involving officials of his administration.

Initially I thought it was one of those issues that would just pass away. But the debate continued to rage and still shows no sign of abating. Don’t be confused. I am referring to the tithing palaver. Should we or should we not pay our tithes?

If a fight occurred between a lot of players during a football match, it’s referred to as a ‘melee’. That’s exactly what’s happening on the tithing issue with every man of God stating his position. If you throw in the position of other interested parties especially on social media, then, it becomes something else altogether.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

If it hadn’t been for this debate, I wouldn’t have known that the book of Malachi in the Bible was that popular. Sure enough they quoted other books in the Bible like Leviticus and Numbers. People quoted Leviticus 27:30-34, Numbers 18:21 and even Genesis 14:19-20. But the most quoted book was Malachi! Malachi 3:8-12 was the safe refuge for everybody!

It’s obvious from the debate that to the men of God, paying tithe is mandatory and they are fighting tenaciously to hold on to it. I heard one say that if one’s tithe is GHs 20.00 and kin is about to die, even if the money could help, the one is to pay the tithe first.

But to me the top of the pile was the Eastwood Anaba angle. In defending the payment of tithes, he said in the past, the tithes were brought to the pastors who ‘chopped’ it.

Today, they use the proceeds of the tithes to buy microphones, speakers, sponsor evangelism and the like. Can you beat that? The tithes will have to be paid come rain come shine. It’s not a spiritual matter. It’s simply business!

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