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This Avram Grant issue would not go away and promises to be something else getting to the end of his contract. I am not in the least enthused about the way the Ghana football association (GFA) is handling the Avram Grant issue. The softy, softy patting on the back to appease the coach of the senior national team the Black Stars bodes nothing but grief in the end.

The Black Stars coach has been in the news in recent weeks for the wrong reasons. In the first place, he was supposed to have used a derogatory word at a press conference that Ghanaians did not take kindly to. Calls on him to apologise yielded no positive results as the man plainly refused to render one.

Coach of the Black stars, Avram Grant

Coach of the Black stars, Avram Grant

There have also been strident calls against the waste being created all in the name of making Avram Grant comfortable. People cannot reconcile the fact that the residence put in place for the coach lies fallow while he’s always outside the country in the name of scouting for players and monitoring. Why did the FA go the extra mile to get the coach a residence in the country if they knew the man wouldn’t use that residence, is what has been bugging the minds of most football followers.

There have also been calls from the media and indeed the general public for the coach to stay in Ghana and be seen to be working towards promoting the local league and the training of other coaches locally. The Minister of Youth and Sports, Nii Lante Vanperpuye have also had cause to add his voice to the clarion call for the coach to stay in Ghana and work.

While all the clamouring was going on, the coach comes out boldly to declare that he wouldn’t seek a renewal of his contract when it expires. I don’t know whether that declaration was made to cow the press and the public that had been on the case of the coach for some time.

The most distressing aspect of the Avram grant equation is the fact that the man is paid $50,000.00 a month and yet he comes to town only when the Black Stars have a match. In the event that the match is in Europe, he doesn’t drop in at all. How do you expect Ghanaians to feel when they see the coach on terrestrial television engaging in his private business at a time that he was supposed to be monitoring players?

Ghana’s economy we are told is not in the best of shapes. It therefore, behoves on us to use our resources judiciously. After all the hullaballoo raised about the coach, I must confess I was taken aback when the GFA approved for him to go to Europe to monitor Ghanaian players abroad. The action simply shows that the GFA is not in tune with the public.

The argument that the Black stars are based outside and it’s incumbent for the coach to be close to the players is neither here nor there. What about the several players plying the trade in the country and in other African and Asian countries? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial if the coach would stay in the country and monitor the local players in the Ghanaian Premier League to see whether there are players that could be used for the Stars?

By staying in the country, the coach be used to do so much for the country. He could for instance organise workshops for coaches to update their knowledge of the game. The knowledge gathered by the coaches could in turn be imparted to others as well as local players which would bring huge benefits to Ghana.

The position of the GFA in all this, leaves me a little confused. I’m beside myself with worry that the FA would give approval for the coach to move outside at a time that most Ghanaians were disenchanted with hat position. I wasn’t happy with the position taken by the Spokesperson of the FA at the press conference arranged for the coach to clear the air for having used a derogatory word at pressmen. The way the coach even came out with his position that he wouldn’t ask for a renewal at the expiration of his contract wasn’t good enough. Everything came out as though by coaching the Black Stars, he was doing Ghana a huge favour!

GFA capo, Kwasi Nyantakyi

GFA capo, Kwasi Nyantakyi

Paying a coach $50,000.00 a month is no easy change. To get a coach to be with the players for a kick-about for a few days prior to an engagement, is not good enough. It’s to say the least, a waste of the tax payers money. Let nobody lie to you that the money is not coming from the tax payer!


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