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Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, the longest serving African president has been ousted in a coup by the country’s military. The initial statement from the coup leaders was that theirs was not a coup but meant to target criminal and corrupt leaders around the president. 
Interestingly, no African country nor any president has voiced disapproval of the said coup in Zimbabwe. The African Union (AU), the continental body, frowns on coups in Africa so how come that the August body is quiet?  What does it say about democratic governance in Africa? 

Granted that Robert Mugabe had outlived his usefulness nor was about to plunge his country into chaos,  didn’t Zimbabwe have institutions to take care of such an eventuality? 

The president has grown weak! The president has grown old! At 93, nobody can deny that he is old! That he sleeps during ceremonies and can barely weak,  is an open secret! But was he senile or suffering from dementia?  Was he able to perform his official duties? 

Didn’t the constitution have answers to such an occurrence? What sort of democracy are we practicing of national institutions cannot solve such an issue? The military were supposed to be kept out of politics for good reasons.  How can we be celebrating their act? 

All talk of the military handing over to the deposed vice president is going to turn out to be one huge farce.  With a gun behind him, he would have to jump if they say so. Don’t forget soldiers install presidents for good reason! 

The civilian population and institutions should have led the way to an ouster of there were no impeachment procedures in the constitution. Soldiers lurking in the background is one bloody power keg about to go off at the slightest disagreement.

The AU  and the other subcontinental bodies like ECOWAS have all aboard not to accept any coup detat in any member country.  The question then is why is Zimbabwe’s case different?

What kind of democracy are Africans practicing? What would happen if the military in for I stance Togo or Nigeria for instance decide that they do not like the way their presidents were conducting themselves so they move in. Would the AU have the moral authority to ask the military to step aside or could they send in a Force to counter the coup? 

We are in the 21st century and yet Africa still lags behind. Poverty is staring the citizenry in the face and the promise of democracy to solve the problems have turned out to be nothing but political elite to enrich themselves. IfAfrica can’t get her political act right,  all talk of development would be nothing but hollow talk!

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